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At Scenario Six, we want to create a community for those who have a love for motorsport. One thing we've noticed is that Formula 1, 2 & 3 have an amazing fan base, which spreads across all continents. However, we have also noticed that there isn't a place where fans can come together every weekend to talk about the race & just have fun together no matter what country or city you're in !

Of course there is one place where fans come together & that's at the races but what if you can't make that race? Where to next? There have been many times when I have personally wanted to chat to people when something has happened in the race but, there just isn't anywhere for it. So, we have began to create a community, a place for people to chat & talk not only virtually, but we want to set up events in the future where we can come together & have a good time.


Yes, we are a clothing brand but we want to be more than that. Our mission is to build one of the strongest communities the motorsport space has ever seen. We feel that there is a void missing at the moment & we want to be that brand that changes this. We want to make ScenarioSix a brand created by the fans, for the fans. 

DISCORD & ScenarioSix

We are launching our Discord channel this weekend, this will be available to everyone who wants to chat. Discord is a place where you can communicate through messages, voice chat, video streams & more. We think this is the perfect place for us to all come together & chat about everything motorsport & formula 1. This will also give you a chance to check out everything we have been up to behind the scenes & what we are trying to achieve for the future as a brand & community. We will be hosting giveaways and competitions inside our discord so make sure you join! We want the fans to be involved as much as possible & that's something we stand close by. 

In the future we want to schedule events where we can move away from our screens & speak about everything in person! Let's create & build something special together. 


Luke & Dom

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